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Very similar—enough to convince even the most seasoned of smokers. The vapor feels and looks like smoke, and it delivers nicotine in a similar manner.,It also satisfies the hand-to-mouth habit we all know and love, however it does not colour your teeth, does not leave tar on your lungs and way more pleasant in taste.

In the long run, most definitely. A good vaping kit can cost you around $130, but if used as a smoking cessation tool, you will definitely be spending less on e-liquid, etc. than packs of cigarettes. Keep track, if you’d like. Before you switch to vaping, track the amount of money you spend on cigarettes. Then see how much you spend the following month on e-liquid and compare. There is an app for that!

Well … this is an ongoing question. While there are no federal laws (as of the time this article was written) overseeing the vaping industry, every state has different legislation pertaining to the industry. Private businesses also reserve the right to ban vaping on their premises. Please be respectful of other’s policies. Smoking has a bad enough reputation, and we don’t want that for vaping!

Well this is the most popular question among the beginners and the answer is: its personal.
It all comes down to what are your goals? Are you just quitting smoking? You want to get into vaping and you have never smoked? So please come in to our store and we will gladly spend time explaining and will make sure you are satisfied with information and product.

Your battery is dying! Quick, recharge it or swap it out (it’s not a bad idea to keep a spare battery fully-charged at all times)! If you run your battery’s juice all the way down, you’ll most likely notice a decrease in overall performance.

Perhaps this is an easy fix. Press the “Fire” button on your device five times, rapidly. This is the powering up or down procedure on most regulated devices. Good one to remember!. If it still isn’t working, your battery may need to be charged.

This one depends on a few things: first, what battery model do you have? Second, how often are you hitting the device, and third, what sort of device do you have? Mod users have to take additional variables into account, such as voltage and wattage, in addition to the ones previously mentioned. Most batteries can last anywhere from five to six hours to a few days.

Typically a few weeks to a month, depending on how frequently you use your e-cigarette. We suggest changing your coil every 7 tanks. That way you keep things fresh and will likely avoid burned hits and nasty taste.

Well, that depends entirely on how much you vape. Tanks with higher resistance coils will consume less juice. Tanks with lower resistance coils will consume more but will give you more flavour and bigger clouds.

Vaping is a different experience than traditional smoking, and it does require a bit of a learning curve. You may also be vaping at too high of a nicotine levels and temperature which can cause stress to your throat.

This is another common issue that every Vaper faces at some point or another. Generally speaking, leaks and floods result from adding too much e-liquid to your device or running it at lower then normal temperatures. Check for loose parts as well.

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